First-Timer Poker Player Oddities

What was your first time playing poker like? It probably produced a marvelous yet intimidating experience that helped define the poker player you’ve become today. However, had you a good memory or a camcorder on hand to record the event, you’d probably notice that poker games among novices tend to transform into a carnival of weirdness thanks largely to a combination of inexperience, bad judgment, and the general randomness of any given poker match. Even on a daily basis, odd things happen on poker tables all the time. A poker table filled with players with wide-ranging skill levels can produce the most jaw-dropping of results, in fact.

Regardless if it’s a bad beat, variance, or whatever odd event that doesn’t normally happen in “normal” poker games between veterans, a table sporting players with varying skill levels will result in poker oddities worthy of a Twilight Zone episode (in poker terms, of course). Online players who are quick to cry foul on any strange shenanigans (such as runner-runner spades in two hands in a row, back-to-back odds flops, and the three of clubs or eight of hearts appearing in your hand like magic) against a computer opponent will probably swear up and down that there’s some cheating going on in any given virtual poker table because of their mostly limited experience on how poker typically works. Don’t be so shocked whenever AA loses to 42o when it was three bets before the flop. It’s called a bad beat, and it happens to veterans as well as poker amateurs.

Poker Oddities in Online Games

The truth of the matter is that the computer’s AI is not broken or stacking the odds in its favor for the sake of cheating; random chance is the real culprit behind this oddness, not software-based manipulations from virtual casinos that want to scam its customers of their money without any chance of getting them back. In any event, novices should be warned that what they view as “bizarre” are actually par for the course situations and hands that veterans have encountered time and time again. More to the point, bizarreness is arguably a common and ordinary event when playing poker, especially nowadays with online poker and its collection of both veteran and novice customers.

Becoming a veteran should help tremendously in making novices get over their gambler’s fallacy mindset (i.e., believing that your hands or cards have memories and give you a winning or losing streak dictated by a pattern your mind creates that doesn’t really exist) and other illogical judgments concerning mundane events like flukes and bad beats. Either that, or they can take a statistics class in order to understand what “random” is really all about. Besides which, learning how to tell the difference between expectation and variance or bad beats and bad plays should help a lot in improving your skills as a poker player and being able to expect these “unexpected” bouts of “strangeness”.

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