Five Card Stud Poker

When you watch a movie and a bunch of cowboys are sitting in a saloon playing poker, they should be playing five card stud. If they are playing anything different than someone probably didn’t do their research. During the American Civil War 5 Card Stud was the most popular card game in the country.

Today the game is not the most popular poker variation, that honor belongs to Texas Hold ‘em. However, 5 card stud is still sufficiently popular that it is still being played in nearly all of the poker tournaments. If you are really serious about being a serious poker player, you really should at least learn how to play 5 card stud.

If you have not really gotten into poker and would like to learn, 5 card stud is a great place to learn. The game is both straight forward and simple.

5 card stud is played with a full deck of cards. There is a dealer and a group of players. If you are playing an informal game with your friends than the dealer is simply one of the players and should rotate with each hand. If you are playing at a casino the dealer does not actually participate in the game.

The first thing the dealer does is deal each player two cards. One of the cards is dealt so it lands face up. The other card lands face down. The players place bets based on the card they can see. When the first round of betting is completed everyone gets dealt another card, face up. At this point, whichever player is showing that they have the highest hand, will be the first player to place their bet.

The pattern of getting dealt a card and placing a bet continues until each of the players has 4 cards face up, and 1 card that is still face down which they have not had an opportunity to see. When the very last bet has been placed, every single player is allowed to reveal their hole card, up until that moment the final bet has been place. When all the cards are revealed the player who had the highest hand wins.

If a player does not have any matching hands, there is no way that hand will win. The player should fold as soon as they realize that their four cards aren’t showing any promise.

A pair is the lowest hand in five card stud poker. The higher the number of the pair the better. The next worse hand is the two pair. Most players are very happy if they get dealt a three of a kind. This is usually a very difficult hand to beat. The value of the three of a kind is determined by the number on the card. The best hand you can be dealt during a game up five card stud poker is a straight flush which means that you have cards from the same suit that happen to be in order. Straight flushes are very rare.

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